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High viscosity polyacrylamide

High viscosity polyacrylamide product description:
High viscosity high molecular weight polyacrylamide polyacrylamide is the company a special, easily soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents, molecular weight can be as high as 20 million - 45 million, can be used as thickening agent, coagulant, resident agent, sludge dehydrating agent and coagulation agent, "said auxiliary industries". It can through the solid particle suspension adsorption in wastewater, bridging between particles or through the particle charge in the aggregation formation of large flocs, and separation, clarification effect, and improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs.

The use of high viscosity polyacrylamide and matters needing attention:
First, the use of steps:
1, Granular polyacrylamide flocculant can not be directly added to the sewage, before use must be dissolved in water, with its water solution to deal with sewage.
2, Dissolved particulate polymer water should be clean (such as running water), can not be the sewage. Water can be at room temperature, generally do not need to heat, the water temperature is not higher than 60 degrees, not less than 5.
3, The choice of polymer solution concentration, for 0.1% - 0.2%, that is, 1 liters of water plus 0.2g - 0.1g polymer powder.

Note: the PAM concentration selection should consider the following factors:
1, The preparation of small and large amount of daily use, it is recommended with a slightly thicker (such as 0.2%).
2. When the molecular weight of polymer is very high, it is suggested that the distribution of the polymer is slightly diluted (e.g. 0.1%).
3, The polymer solution cast into the sewage, as a result of equipment due to the dispersion of the situation is not good, it is recommended to match the slightly diluted.
Under normal circumstances: before use should be the solid preparation of a certain concentration of standby water solution to use, in which the CPAM series concentration of 0.2%; APAM and NPAM series concentration of 0.1%. Reserve solution storage period is 2 days, so that it can be used at the present time.

Two, the use of high viscosity polyacrylamide note:
1, The operator should wear protective equipment, wash with water after the skin contact. Use the site if there is a small amount of leakage, rinse with plenty of water.
2, The preparation of APAM, CPAM, NPAM series of water should be in the enamel, galvanized, aluminum or plastic barrel.
3, Should pay attention to the dissolution of the product evenly, slowly adding to the solution with mixing and heating measures, should avoid large bricks; solution suitable for the preparation at room temperature.
4, High viscosity polyacrylamide suitable for pH 14 - 1 medium range.

Three, the use of high viscosity polyacrylamide:
Incense incense industry suitable for high viscosity of polyacrylamide for a variety of incense, mosquito coils, grass incense, incense, incense, incense and other bamboo production, can effectively replace the ordinary starch, elm bark powder, bakelite powder and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and other related adhesive material; such as in the production of micro smoke mosquito coil can replace the ordinary starch elm bark powder, bakelite powder, etc.; in the smokeless mosquito coils production can replace methyl cellulose (CMC), and other chemical adhesives; in the production of incense, incense, incense and incense tower production mechanism when adding this product can greatly reduce the amount of elm bark powder, bakelite powder; preparation plants high viscosity cream fragrant incense polyacrylamide production when can partly replace water bark powder (cotton powder) etc..
Coating in the use of polyacrylamide is generally the choice of non ion polyacrylamide, high viscosity polyacrylamide used for coating thickening effect significantly better than non ion polyacrylamide.
The company provides the high viscosity of polyacrylamide cement and ceramic thickening in special masonry plastering mortar which can improve the workability, improve work efficiency, energy saving, labor saving, material and money. The use of this product can completely replace the lime, low cost, low dosage, the ratio of cement and sand under the same water saving cement 10-20%, 15-20%. To improve the work efficiency of more than 5%, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, no pollution. The high viscosity of polyacrylamide PAM can improve the construction of cement mortar, and not damage the mechanical properties; ready mixed mortar has the advantages of long setting time and adjustable, good water retention, with less bleeding; cement with high viscosity of polyacrylamide has layered phenomenon, but I understand this layer should be the inherent characteristics of polyacrylamide, namely the flocculation phenomenon. The two layer difference is large, but they are very representative of Polyacrylamide in the construction industry: high viscosity of polyacrylamide is mainly used as adhesives, reinforced cement hardness, accelerate the dehydration rate of cement, mostly by the high viscosity of polyacrylamide thickening, moisturizing, dehydration and other features, theoretically I think the customer can use nonionic polyacrylamide as polyacrylamide type of cement added, the high viscosity of hydrolysis of Polyacrylamide in the best 25-30, we can solve this problem.
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