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Dry powder cationic products

The products of  HS-W  series are water-soluble cationic polymerized electrolytes with relatively strong positive active group. They have excellent flocculating effect, are relatively easily soluble in water and are insoluble in organic solvent like alcohol and acetone. These products are ≥ non-toxic, colorless and tasteless and are easy to absorb moisture.

Technical parameters:

Use domain:
1, for the sewage treatment plant activated sludge and tap water plant sludge dewatering, the 98% water content of the sludge after flocculation and dehydration after moisture 70%, filtration equipment suitable for centrifuges, belt filter press and frame filter etc..
2, for the suspension of the flocculation sedimentation, especially suitable for the flocculation in acid or acidic materials containing organic suspended matter deposition, the most suitable equipment for sedimentation tank and efficient flotation tank etc..
3, can be used in paper making process to help keep the filter aid, pulp sizing agent, etc., can be used for the treatment of papermaking wastewater and sludge dewatering.
4, can be used for oily wastewater and oil demulsification, flocculation and sedimentation, is mainly used in oil, food, petrochemical and other industries.

25KG paper bag (lined with plastic bag) 750KG large bag (woven bag)

Dissolution of polyacrylamide:
Dissolved water: it is recommended to use PH as a neutral low hardness water, the use of groundwater, dissolved inorganic or metal ions too much water to reduce product performance.
Dissolution time: 1 hours after the dissolution of dry powder products can be used to play the best performance (recommended non ionic powder products to dissolve more than 2 hours).
Solution concentration: the usual solution concentration of the cationic product is 0.2% (0.1%~0.5%); the solution concentration of the anionic and non ionic products is 0.1% (0..05%~0.3%).
Dissolve the operation should be in the plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and other materials in the groove, mixing speed should not be too large. Dilute solution to avoid the use of centrifugal pumps and other high shear rotor pump, the best use of the
screw pump, such as low shear pump.
The use of aluminum chloride process, the dissolution of the conditions are special, the need for on-site technical guidance.

Use and preservation of polyacrylamide note:
This product is non-toxic, easy to dissolve in water, damp easily agglomerate.
Dip hand or skin, rinse with water.
This product storage temperature of 5 degrees C ~30 C, it is recommended to save in a dry place.
Recommended for the use of the original packaging of dry powder products within one year, shelf life of two years.
The storage time of the general emulsion is 6 months. Storage time is longer, the emulsion layer will have a layer of oil precipitation, which is a normal phenomenon. When the use should first stir evenly, will not affect its use effect.
Formulated dilute solution should not be stored for a long time, it is best to use with the dissolution of. More than 24 hours after the decline in product viscosity caused by the use of the effect of decline.